About Us

After a combined 19 years of working in the Construction Industry in Kent we saw a gap in the market for an alternative to a Fixed Price Main Contractor where the Client and Project Manager could work in partnership to achieve the best project outcome.

We have the flexibility to agree a Joint Venture with a Client or simply be appointed as the Construction Manager. So far, we have successfully seen ourselves be appointed to package up a project with the assistance of good independent Qs’s, architects, funders and design teams to take away the stress and strains from our clients that such projects produce. We do the majority of the hard work for their approval to ensure we maximise their profit.

We take time to plan each project meticulously, ensuring that we work with the client from day 1 in partnership. Our method is a very simple one, obtaining a minimum of 3 quotes for each item and construction service to ensure we secure the best supply chain for that build. We work very closely with Estate Agents in the area and ensure that we are able to advise our clients of the demand, sales prices and competition in the location, we want our builds to stand out from the crowd. We join forces with the architects and design teams to ensure that the development plots and spaces are maximised inside and out. By doing this and staying ahead of the game we are market leaders in our field.

Our newly launched Design and Build model will offer a further project delivery system to work as an alternative option to our Construction Management proposal.