Construction and Management

Red Key Concepts Design & Build LTD are able to offer the Client a Construction Management Service which negates the need for a traditional Main Contractor role.

We operate an open book, transparent policy in all aspects of what we do to ensure that the project is delivered at cost by a team of skilled and experienced Sub Contractors and Suppliers, under the strict guidance of the Red Key Management Team. This way of working cuts out the ‘middle man’ – a role that a traditional Main Contractor would fill – and ensures that the Client only pays what the project costs.

This relationship ensures that the Sub Contractors and Suppliers are all paid in a timely manner leading to our sites being rewarded with the best resources. They also feel part of the team and that they are directly contributing to the success of the project and are not there purely to maximise a Main Contractor’s profit and then, once the work is complete, to have protracted debates about their final account which can drag on for months.

It is inevitable on any project, that there will be variations and additional works. A traditional Main Contractor would look to maximise the cost of these to their own benefit, leaving the Client with little choice but to accept the percentage mark up. Red Key Concepts have a very different approach. We do not look to benefit from any such extras and instead take a pro-active approach to mitigate the cost of any additional works elsewhere in the project.

Working directly with the Client & Consultants helps to limit contractual conflict, improves communication, team cooperation and provides for a better quality of delivery.

Logistics, Planning & Coordination

Management of Welfare and Site Facilities

Traffic Management and Coordination of deliveries

Construction Management

Cost Comparison and Value Engineering

Package Enquiries and Tender Returns

Inspection and Testing and Quality Audit

Programme Management and Coordination

Document Control

Commercial Management, Trade Contractor Valuation Process including Change Management Control

Health & Safety and Environment Management

Testing, Commissioning and Project Validation

Cost Management Procedures and Added Value

It is our intention to provide a dedicated Commercial Team to the project. All trade packages will be awarded following a strict and robust tender exercise and in conjunction with the Client QS and Management Team.

Red Key Concepts Design & Build LTD will provide a detailed report and recommendation for the selection of each trade Contractor and strict cost controls will be in place to ensure that the project budget is managed and controlled accordingly. We will work very closely with the Client appointed QS to ensure that the budget is managed very closely throughout the build programme.

Red Key Concepts Design & Build LTD will offer Value Engineering advice to the design team at every stage of the build and will capture.

Red Key Concepts Design & Build LTD will provide a bespoke Management service to support the Client and their team which will include, but not be limited to, the following benefits and savings achieved for the project at every opportunity.

We encourage a transparent and open book approach for all commercial dialogue and discussions with the Contractors engaged to the project, to ensure that the Client achieves best value. This also negates contractual conflict between the parties.

Health and Safety

The management of Health & Safety is considered to be a top level commitment to the Company’s operation.

Our policies, arrangements and procedures aim to protect all employees to a syllabus approved by the Construction Industry Training Board and other training organisations to which the Company subscribes. All of our Health and Safety documentation and policies are available at any time on site to view upon request and will be subject to the Client Project Manager’s approval.

We employ an independent Safety Company that provides Health and Safety specialism to support and advise our Management and workforce in maintaining the highest level of Health and Safety standards.

We have and will continue to offer assistance, support and advice to the Client in all matters relating to Health and Safety within the confines of the site and the construction works. All trade Contractors will be required to attend specific Health and Safety meetings, sharing good practices and providing measurement of performance in an open and honest forum.

Recent Projects

Over the last 3yrs, we’ve had the pleasure of working with residential schemes, commercial projects and specialist projects.
We pride ourselves on the service we provide and below are a collection of our latest projects.