Sustainability Policy

Red Key Concepts Design & Build LTD Sustainabilty Policy

Sustainability: “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Brutland Commission 1987

Red Key Concepts Design & Build LTD Senior Management acknowledge that the day to day operations of Red Key Concepts Design & Build LTD can impact both directly and indirectly on the environment. We aim to protect and where possible improve the environment through good management and by adopting best practice whenever possible. We fully understand that sustainability in building developments no matter their size, is a complex subject whereby the potential environmental impacts are very significant and therefore must be ascertained, researched and proactively considered from the very earliest stages to prevent harmful impacts.

We will work to integrate environmental considerations into our business decisions and adopt greener alternatives wherever possible, throughout our operations. In order to meet the above objectives, our best endeavours will include:

  • Understanding our compliance obligations and how we fulfil these.
  • Eliminating risk to the environment, where possible, through selection and design of materials, building facilities, equipment and processes.
  • Ensuring that emergency procedures are in place at all locations for dealing with environmental issues.
  • Establishing objectives and targets to measure the continual improvement in our environmental performance and review these at least annually.
  • Carrying out regular audits of our Environmental Management System.
  • Identifying and manage environmental risk and opportunities.
  • Improving the environmental efficiency of our transport and travel.
  • Minimising waste and increase recycling within the framework of our waste management procedures.
  • Only engaging Contractors who are able to demonstrate due regard to the environment.
  • Doing all we can in our power to prevent pollution to land, air and water.
  • Promoting environmentally responsible purchasing where possible by sourcing materials from sustainable supply when practicable.
  • Providing adequate resources to control environmental risk arising from our work activities.
  • Providing suitable training to enable employees to deal with their specific areas of environmental control.
  • Where possible seek to reduce the use of water, energy and other natural resources.

Examples of the key processes we constantly review to ensure that we meet the required sustainable principles can be illustrated in the practices below:

Local Supply Chain:

As the construction process involves ever changing stages of design, approval and construction from conception to delivery it is paramount that the relationship between the contractors, consultants and suppliers is procured, managed and developed to ensure that expectations on both sides are facilitated. By obtaining a better insight into how the current market challenges have affected our supply chain and their individual businesses enable us to be in a much better position to appoint the most suitable supplier.

We are true advocates of galvanising these relationships with our ‘local’ supply chain especially in all of our construction projects. We try to overcome issues such as logistics and resources from the start to enable the local market to be in a position to happily partake in the competitive bidding process and focus on the longevity of the relationship with us all at RKC so that construction project’s functionality, success and profitability is maximised for all parties. In doing so, we reduce the amount of material transportation required thus pollutants caused by the vehicles are also reduced whilst boosting and supporting the local economy.

Delivery options on projects:

We are always keen to offer our client’s alternative options on how we deliver their build needs:

  1. Traditional option: Awarding the packages required by the build to the most price competitive and local suppliers
  2. Eco option: Awarding the packages to the most ‘eco friendly’ suppliers who are able to offer the most sustainable materials available.

We feel that working in this collaborative manner with our clients allows them to make the decision on the best method for them and their requirements/needs.